VOL. XLVIII                         SEPTEMBER 13, 2017                         NO 18



10:30 a.m. Deacon Elections

Vote Your choice:

John Cline, *Ray Ely, *Mike Foster, *Tommy McDaniel, Jim Roberts


3:00 p.m. Deacons' Meeting

6:00 p.m. Quarterly Business Meeting



Removal of the time capsule will be at 5:45 p.m.

Banquet begins at 6:00 p.m.

Tickets on sale Sunday, September 17, following the a.m. worship service in the vestibule.

Adults- $10/Children 10 & under $5/Children 2 & under eat free

(Maximum charge per family is $35)

Order forms will be available. You may write a check to FBCG or pay with correct cash


 Worship service will be followed by "dinner-on-the-ground" in the FLC

Please bring your favorite side dish(es) (enough for your family, plus 1 please)


FROM THE PASTOR’S PEN..... As I write this newsletter article, I come with many mixed emotions. I am saddened by the loss of two longer term faithful members of First Baptist Church. This past week-end we had the memorial services for Mr. Wayne Dahlgren and Mrs. Barbara Foster. Between the two of them that was over 110 years of church membership and service. They raised their families in this church and were faithful to the end. That is a great loss to the future of this church family.

However, on the other side of those sad emotions I witnessed this church ministering to these two families in a wonderful way. Everything from the special music, to the sound techs, to the ushers and pallbearers, to the Bereavement Committee, and to the many people that simply showed up to offer their condolences and love. That is what being part of a church family is supposed to be about. Thank you FBCG for being who you are supposed to be.

I am also saddened by the reality of just how many people have been affected by the recent storms in Texas, Louisiana, and now in Florida. We remember what they are currently going through. Let us pray for their present wellbeing and future recovery.

I am also saddened by the events that happened 16 years ago when terrorists crashed planes into buildings and a field in an attempt to disrupt this great nation. They failed because we are still here. Let us not forget.

Also, I want to give two quick reminders. First, next Sunday we will be electing men to serve as active deacons for the next three years. The names of the men that have allowed their names to be placed in nomination are John Kline, Ray Ely, Mike Foster, Tommy McDaniel, and Jim Roberts. Please pray for God’s will to be done in this matter.

Second, I want to give a simple reminder TO SAVE THE DATE. The week-end of September 23 and 24 is the 75th Anniversary Celebration. This is once again a time to celebrate what God has done to and through this church for His kingdom. To God Be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done! 

Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David    


BRO. BILL, Music & Education..... “Celebrate good times – come on!”  This opening line from the 1980 hit song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang certainly describes the atmosphere at First Baptist right now.  The next couple of weeks will be filled with celebration.  This coming Sunday we will celebrate in worship as we share the Lord’s Supper and the following weekend we will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary!  Celebrations are exciting and often give us an opportunity to invite others around us to join in the fun.  Take advantage of the “excuse” and invite someone to worship with you.  Word of mouth is always the best advertising and some of the best kept secrets of love and family can be found right here in the people of First Baptist.  This past Sunday we celebrated Margaret Lackey State Missions.  Let’s step out and take up the challenge of “local” missions by sharing the wonderful things God is doing among His people at First Baptist with those whom God has placed within our life’s sphere of influence.  As the Holy Spirit draws people to Him, we are the instruments that the Spirit uses to encourage and invite them to experience His love and grace. 

    October begins the new church year.  As we prepare for this, we will have a Sunday School Teachers and Council meeting this Saturday at 8:30 AM in the Reception Room.  This will be important for teachers as well as Council members as we will be laying the groundwork for all we will strive to accomplish in the coming year.  God is most certainly moving in the people of First Baptist.  We are on the cusp of something amazing and God-sized for us and for our community.  Join me in celebrating all that God has done, is doing, and is going to do.  As we enjoy the celebrations of the next couple of weeks, and those that lay ahead, let’s not be content with that but instead become the tools God can use to accomplish His plans for our church, our community, and beyond.  When we do we all can celebrate in His marvelous work and enjoy a “celebration to last throughout the year!”


CHRISTIAN LOVE & SYMPATHY IS extended to Carol Dahlgren & family in the death of her husband, Wayne Dahlgren and to Mike, Rex, Nancy

& family in the death of their mother, Mrs. Barbara Foster.


INTERIM YOUTH MINISTER..... I was proud this week to see 22+ students at Sunday school. It shows our Sunday school teachers are doing a good job and students want to come. I am also proud of Samantha Schwartz for setting up a service project for Sue’s Home. She is having a fundraiser at the Wednesday night supper on the 13th in order to buy paint so that the youth can help her paint at Sue’s Home. I am also proud of my Wednesday night crowd. They came up with a list of ideas that they could do to apply the lesson of the week. All that were there for the lesson did accomplish something on the list. Some ideas on the list were “Letting something go” and “Apologize for an untruth.” I was very proud of them. Every week we plan on coming up with challenges for the youth to accomplish.

            On Monday, I visited the BSU. The WMU provides lunch the second Tuesday of each month. I will be eating with the BSU students and leader on Tuesday in order to start making inroads with them. I am excited to meet with the Youth Committee on Sunday the 17th. We will be planning activities for the youth and figuring out ways to reach new youth. I am feeling blessed to be working with the youth and thank them, parents, and church members for giving me an opportunity to invest in their lives. God bless and keep our youth in your prayers.


CONGRATULATIONS TO …Andra & Ryan Keith upon the birth of their son, Thomas Rex Keith. Born on August 27, 2017 Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz. Proud grandparents are Ben & Misty Harris and proud FBCG great-grandmother, Wini Harris;

Mark & Sydney Toups upon the birth of their daughter, Eleanor Clio Toups. Born on August 29, 2017. Weight: 7 lbs 12. Welcoming the new arrival are big sister, Adelle, proud FBCG grandparents, Stan & Dodie Aycock, and great-grandparents, Ronnie & Gloria Blakeney.


Wed Nite Supper.png

September 20: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, tatertots & dessert

September 27: Porkloin, creamed potatoes, baked carrots, coleslaw and dessert



SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------418

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------188

Weekly contacts----------------------------------------51

September Budget Requirements-------------53,349

September Budget Receipts-to-date----------21,911

Margaret Lackey State Missions Offering-------6,289


Special Gifts to the 75th Anniversary Fund have been given:

…In loving memory of Alan Curry by Sally Curry;

…In memory of Amelia & Anneliese BLAKENEY by Ronnie & Gloria Blakeney;

…In memory of my parents, A.G. & Joyce Clark by Rhonda Clark;

…In memory of Barbara Foster & Wayne Dahlgren by Tommy McDaniel;

…In honor of his mother, Edna Baxter, by Teddy & Connie Baxter;

…In honor of our daughters, Patty Pitts & Becky Masters by Billy & Kris Allen;

…In memory of Hazel Jones, a FBCG Charter Member, by William & Joann Griffin;

…In memory of Hazel & Ed Jones, William Griffin, Jr., Angela Griffin, Jeff Jones, Bob Jones & Janis Green by William & Joann Griffin;

…In memory of Wayne Dahlgren & Barbara Foster by Walter & Peggy Greene;

…In honor of all those that have served as Sunday School Teachers at FBCG by Walter & Peggy Greene.


Sanctuary Flowers.png

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary by Margie Holifield in loving memory of her husband, Lavern, for their wedding anniversary.

Flower Delivery for September 18: Ann McDaniel

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Flowers will be placed in our sanctuary by Shannon & Brad Foster and families in honor of their parents, Mike & Tracy Foster, in celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Flower Delivery for September 25: Sally Curry

*Flowers will be donated by Van Veghel’s Florist for the 75th Anniversary Celebration Banquet on Saturday, September 23, 2017.