VOL XLIX                                             JANUARY 31, 2018                                             No 02


9:30 A.M. UNTIL 11:30 A.M.



SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2018, 4:30 P.M.



 “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis led by Kim Ord

Financial Peace and God Owns It All led by Keith & Jennifer Schwartz

Journey Into Believer Building led by Ray Ely

WOW (Children’s Choir for grades 1-6)

God’s Groupies (for ages 3 – 5 yr. old’s)

Nursery provided for 2 yr. old’s and under


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2015, 11 A.M.



TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2018, 9 A.M.

Celebration Singers will be traveling to Ocean Springs Nursing Center and then at River Chase Village.  Our new van is roomy and comfortable and getting in and out is not a problem.  Please join us if you enjoy singing the old familiar hymnNS.


FROM THE PASTOR’S PEN.....     WHAT DO I SAY? That is a very common concern that people have when asked to share their testimony. Over the past several weeks on Sunday night we have looked at OUR STORY, OUR SITUATION, and HIS STORY.  Our Story is simply who we were before we met Christ, how we met Christ, and how our lives have been lived since we met Christ. Our Situation is a biblical truth from the Book of Romans that tells us that all are sinners and the wages of sin is death. His Story simply explains why Jesus is the answer to our sin problem.

Lifeway put out an article by Jon Wilke that was entitled; “Churchgoers Believe in Sharing Faith, Most Never Do.” In the article, he shared where Lifeway Research surveyed 2,930 church-goers of USA Protestant churches and the numbers were troubling. Even though 80% believe they have a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs to non-Christians, and 75% believe they are comfortable sharing their belief in Christ to others, 61% have not shared how to become a Christian in the past 6 months and 48% have not even invited someone to church in the past 6 months.

The Church MUST speak up and out to a lost and dying world about the only hope that they have. That hope is Jesus Christ. That is the only hope that you and I have. We MUST conquer our doubts and fears and tell the world about Jesus. That leads me back to the original question: WHAT DO I SAY? I want to answer that with two separate statements. First, say what the Holy Spirit places on your heart. You MUST be led by the Holy Spirit as you share about the Hope In Glory. However, if you are not allowing the Holy Spirit to move in your life that is very difficult. Second, I can give you a starter that allows the Holy Spirit to begin working in you as you encounter a lost person. Simply ask them if there is something or someone that you can pray for right then. I promise you that can start a conversation that lets you share your faith. [More to come]  

Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David    

Music Note.png

BRO. BILL, Music & Education..... Sunday evenings are picking up steam with the start of some new Discipleship classes this week!!  The GALS new book study, “The Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis kicks off this week as well as a review of Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” combined with the Bible study “God Owns it All” led by Keith and Jennifer Schwartz.  Ray Ely will be teaching a short-term class called “Journey into Believer Building” which focuses on the phrase “one another” found in the New Testament.  This study will lead us to discover what God wants us to do for “one another” to build up each other. Lessons include “Loving One Another”, “Being United with One Another”, “Being Patient with One Another” and others.  Nursery will be provided starting at 4:30 PM and provisions will be made for children between 4:30 PM and the starting time of “God’s Groupies” and “WOW – Wonders of Worship” at 5:00 PM.  Sunday evenings truly have something for everyone and these are great opportunities to gain practical insights from God’s perspective that can have a real impact on our daily lives.  Pick a short-term study and plan to join us!

      We have a couple of needs in children’s Sunday School for teachers and assistants. You don’t have to wait to be asked if you sense the Lord’s leading you to share your faith and wisdom with our children – step out and volunteer!

     Now is a great time to become involved in the Worship Choir and/or our Church Orchestra.  We have just started preparing for Easter. There is a great need for instrumentalists to play.  Anyone with one year of playing experience can find a place in the Orchestra.  We need you- come join the fun.

     There are many avenues for service available in our church – there truly is something for everyone. When Mary and Joseph “lost” Jesus and then found Him in the temple, His response to them was “Did you not know I must be about my Father’s business?”   It is God’s design for His children to serve Him through the church.  We cannot be fully in the center of His will by simply coming and sitting.  As all of God’s children at FBC become servants, there is no end to what great things He can do through us for our community!


INTERIM YOUTH MINISTER..... YOUTH MINISTRY UPDATE: On Wednesday nights we have been studying select passages from Ecclesiastes. In Ecclesiastes we see that seeking only what the world has to offer like wealth and fame will not bring happiness. Happiness or satisfaction in life comes from being obedient to God and living for Him on a day to day basis. We should not work ourselves to death so that we can save money for the future. We should work hard so that we can spend time with what God has given us like family and friends. Enjoy what we have and stop worrying so much about what could possibly happen in the future.

D-Now weekend is coming up on April 20-22. The theme comes from 2 Peter 1:3 which discusses that believers should be so drawn to God that they want to imitate him. During D-now we will learn about the characteristics of God that we should imitate. This will make us the Christians we need to be. Wednesday nights are going well. The students have enjoyed the activities I have come up with and they are learning more about what God expects of us as believers. We have a busy few months coming up in the church, so I ask that you continue to pray for our staff so that we can get everything done. 

TRANSPORTATION..... Our new (used) van has arrived and has already been put into service. It was used by the Celebration Singers during their January ministry to area nursing homes.

During our last business meeting on December 17, 2017, the church approved the purchase of this van, subject to the involvement and approval by the Budget & Finance Committee and the Church Trustees.

Our budget for 2018 had already been completed and at the time it was approved by the church, there was no amount included for the payments for this van. In the next business meeting, a motion will be forthcoming to amend the budget to include the monthly payment of $2,066.40. Like what was done with our recently paid off property loan, a maintained designated item has been established for this van. As such, any gifts received for this purpose will be used to pay down this note sooner than the eighteen month financing term.


SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------411

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------180

Weekly contacts----------------------------------------37

D. T. Bible Study-------------------------------------N/A

January Budget Requirements----------------50,337

January Budget Receipts-to-date-------------53,935



Michael & Kaitlyn Hefner

Kim Harris

Sanctuary Flowers.png

The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary Sunday, February 4 by Shelby Lawrence in memory of her husband, Harold Lawrence, for his birthday.

Flower Delivery for February 5: Bill Rushing. The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary Sunday, February 11 in loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Peterson, Sr., by their family.



“Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box” has been given in memory of Barbara Foster by Peggy Peterson.


CHRISTIAN LOVE & SYMPAHTY is extended to Kim Ord and family in the death of her mother, Lou Roddy; To Jennifer Thomas & Jan Heffner in the death of their brother, Wayne Joyner.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Matthew & Diana McDaniel upon the birth of their daughter, Emma Sophia. Born Monday, January 22, 2018.

Weight: 6 lbs. 7 oz.  Proud FBCG grandparents are Carla McDaniel and the late Mark McDaniel.


THANK YOU NOTES have been placed on the bulletin board from Terry & Helen Vanderwerf, and Jason & Courtney Barlow.

Wed Nite Supper.png


February 7: Chicken-n-dumplings, vegetable & dessert

February 14: Baked potato bar, salad and dessert