VOL XLVIII                             May 3, 2017                       No. 10


SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2017



SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017

Baccalaureate Service Honoring 2017 Gautier High School Graduates:

Sarah Bilbo, Kaitlyn Cowan, Shannon Fuller,

Ethan Howard, Katelyn Jones, William Lewis,

Klayton Pace, David Russell, Zachary Winstead

College Graduate: University of Oklahoma

Alston Tanner Smith, BS, Petroleum Engineering

God's not dead

THE MUSICAL will be presented by the FBCG Children's Choir


Sunday, may 28 2017


SS- 9:15 a.m.

Worship- 10:30 a.m.

Evening Services- 5:00 p.m.

Sounds by the Sea, Pascagoula- 7:00 p.m.


church offices will be closed on monday, may 29, 2017


FROM THE PASTOR’S PEN- SEIZE THE MOMENT! Last Sunday, I challenged our church to be willing to seize the moment. In that message, I shared some statistics from the Spring Fling event. We have estimated that approximately 250 visitors came to our church and experienced the love of Christ. Of those visitors, 7 filled out the registration slips with a statement of “new in the community” and wanted information about the church. Those 7 slips represent 20+/- prospects. We had 21 slips that requested information about the church and had no other church affiliation. Those 21 slips represent 62+/- prospects. We also had 18 slips filled out from individuals that stated they wanted information about the church, but they did list an affiliation with another church. Those 18 slips represent 57+/- prospects. I will acknowledge that the three separate groups will be addressed in different ways, but they still must be addressed. Those 46 registration slips represent 139+/- prospects for the Kingdom of God and the Body of Christ at First Baptist Church of Gautier, MS.  

To connect with all of these people, and the many more that we know are not believers or attending church anywhere, the church needs you. We need some of you to step up and help with making telephone calls. We need some of you to step up and help us write letters. We need some of you to step up and volunteer to make visits in homes.

Remember, to seize the moment we need to See the Opportunity, Seize the Opportunity, and Celebrate the Results of the Opportunity. I know that some of you are timid about making visits, but you might be great at writing letters. I know that some of you are not comfortable on the phone, but you might be better face to face. The truth is now being the time to step up. Now is the time to decide that we are going to make a difference in our community. If you are willing to help, please contact Bro. Bill or me and we will find a place for you to serve.

Are you ready to Seize the Moment?  

Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David    

BRO. BILL, Music & Education- This can become a very busy season of the year.  School is ending, summer is starting, family schedules are adjusting.  This Sunday our Handbell Choir will conclude their first and very successful season by playing in worship.  Next Sunday, May 21, our Preschool and Children’s choirs will present their spring program.  The Children’s Choir will be presenting the musical “God’s Not Dead.” This will be an uplifting and exciting experience as we see the children discover that God really isn’t dead even though we can’t always see Him.  May wraps up with a moment of Memorial Day reflection as a part of worship of May 28.

The beginning of summer also brings Vacation Bible School.  This year VBS is June 5-9, from 9 AM until Noon.  There is still opportunity for you to volunteer as a worker in this important children’s evangelical outreach of our church.  Very often, the journey to faith in Christ begins or is nurtured through involvement in VBS. Perhaps in addition to bringing your children/grandchildren you might look for some of their friends to bring as well. The impact on these children can last for eternity! 

Seize the Moment!  What a challenge we received this past Sunday from our Pastor!  God has been and continues to move in and among us – opening doors and providing opportunities for service not only within our church but in and toward the community as well.  The question we must all answer now is: What will we do with the opportunity?  Since we are in baseball season currently allow me to share an analogy.  If a team has a pitcher who can throw a 100mph fastball and consistently pitch accurately to the low inside corner and the high outside corner but never steps onto the pitching mound – this tremendous asset goes unutilized and the team receives no benefit from it.  Likewise, if we as a church fail to take advantage of the resources and opportunities God has provided to us then we miss the potential of being everything that God has for us to be and we miss the opportunity to have a true and lasting impact on our community.  Let’s all join together becoming active and serving for our church and for the Kingdom of God.


 NEWS FROM WAYNE’S WORLD- Well, it’s almost that time of year again; the end of another school year (it seems like everyone was just buying school clothes and supplies).  The end of the school year brings several exciting events such as the end-of-school get together (details forthcoming), graduation, Juniors becoming Seniors, and 8th graders becoming high school students.  The end of the school year also brings reflection.  Teachers hope they did their job well enough that students can pass all the state tests.  Coaches wonder if they could have done anything differently to have won a championship.  Student Ministers pray that they have equipped the students in their care to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead.  And, parents scratch their head and wonder how their little babies grew up so fast. 

This year we have twelve Seniors graduating.  Some of our students will be going straight into the work force, some will be going away to universities, some will be staying at home and going to MGCCC to prepare for the university or entrance into the work force.  We have some awesome students that are going in many different directions in life.  Please keep each one of them in your prayers.

Don’t forget our MissionLab vegetable sale fundraiser on May 20, 9:00am – 12:00.


CELEBRATION SINGERS will visit the Ocean Springs Nursing Center and the Sunplex Subacute Center on Tuesday, May 16th. We will depart the church parking at 9:00AM. Seniors who enjoy singing the old hymns are invited to join this group.  


THANK YOU NOTES have been received and placed on the bulletin board from Connie Baxter.


A HUGE THANK YOU from the Sunday School Council to the church family and all the Sunday School classes for their overwhelming support given to make the Spring Fling such a huge success!  We are forever grateful for your willingness to donate monies and to give of your time for this cause. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!



SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------424

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------193

Weekly contacts----------------------------------------71

Discipleship Training----------------------------------24

MAY Budget Requirements-------------------53,349

MAY Budget Receipts-to-date----------------17,342


A special gift has been given to the Building Fund in memory of Dorothy Dickson, mother of Janis Pinion, Billy Vaughn, father of Connie Baxter, and Molly Everett by Francelle Sanderford.

A special gift has been given to the Backpack Buddies in memory of Billy Vaughn, father of Connie Baxter, by the Joy Sunday School Class.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary by Jim, Jimmy & Tony Miller in loving memory of their loved one, Shirley Miller.  Sally Curry will also place flowers in memory of her husband, Alan Curry, on his birthday, May 14.

Flower Delivery for May 15: Ann McDaniel

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flowers will be placed in our sanctuary by Dorothy Hanna in honor of her daughter, Leigh Hanna, for her birthday.  Jim & Charlotte Orsborn will also place flowers in loving memory of Ashton & Kinsey Johnson

Flower Delivery for May 22: Janet Keith