VOL XLVIII                              JUNE 7, 2017                              NO 12



Scott Davis, Kelley Frye, Matt Johnson, Buddy Landry

Drew Olsen, Steve Olsen, Melanie Pace, Fred Ros & Christy Tingle

(5 are to be elected by secret ballot on Sunday, June 18, 2017)


SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017 @ 6 P.M.


FROM THE PASTOR’S PEN..... Last Sunday, at the beginning of the morning worship service, we received names of individuals to be considered to serve on the Youth Minister Search Committee. We received 9 names and I must say all are very capable. In two weeks on Sunday morning, June 18th, we will select the 5 individuals to serve as active members and the 2 alternate members to serve if needed. The selection process will be by secret ballot.

The nine names are as follows: Scott Davis, Kelley Frye, Matt Johnson, Buddy Landry, Drew Olsen, Steve Olsen, Melanie Pace, Fred Ros, and Christy Tingle. As you can see this is a very capable group. Whoever is selected will have a large task of sorting through all the information and hopefully discovering God’s man to lead in such a critical area and at such a critical time. Please begin now praying for these people and for the process. Also, please remember to be in prayer for the Personnel Committee as they have started the process of seeking an interim Minister of Students to serve until the permanent position is secured.

Also, we are currently in the middle of VBS! The preliminary work has been done and now the children are here and things seem to be hectic. It seems hectic but the reality is the workers are prepared, the children are enjoying the VBS experience, and seeds of the gospel are being planted in the hearts and lives of many kids, some of whom are basically unchurched. As I said in church last Sunday, the first positive memory that I have of church was when my best friend invited me to VBS at his church when I was probably 9 or 10 years old. It DOES make a difference. A seed was planted in this little boy’s life that took time and eventually grew and produced fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Finally, school is out, summer is here, and summer activities abound. Please do not forget about your commitment to God and His church. We are here and we will be moving forward, hopefully with you.

Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David


BRO. BILL, Music & Education ..... As I write this we have completed Day 1 of Vacation Bible School – Galactic Starveyors!  We have a great staff of volunteers and wonderful children eager to learn of God.  Please continue to pray for VBS – the workers, children, and the families of those who are represented that hearts may be softened and the Holy Spirit may have an opportunity to move and change lives for the Kingdom.

            VBS brings many children and families from our community to our church.  As we conclude the week of VBS we will have the opportunity to make follow-up contact with these families and seek to encourage them to participate in the fuller life of our church.  We are asking for several of you to volunteer to help in this effort through making phone calls, writing encouragement cards, and/or making home doorstep visits.  If you are willing to show the families of our community that FBC loves and cares for them, please let myself or Bro. David know.  We will be organizing very soon to start the process of making contact with those in our community who do not have a church home.  This process is vital to the growth of our church and the Kingdom of Heaven. 

            As we look into the summer, you will want to plan to be in worship on Sunday morning, July 2.  This will be our patriotic service, but it will be so much more than “flag waving.”  We are certainly proud of our national heritage and we are certainly grateful to live in America.  Beyond that we are also citizens of Heaven – Christians.  While some believe these two “citizenships” should remain separate, it is my firm belief that for the Christian these are irrevocably intertwined.  Our Worship Choir and Orchestra will lead us in a musical journey of celebration of our nation, our faith; and, challenging us to view our American citizenship in light of our Heavenly one. 

            This summer is off to a fantastic start with VBS.  There is a GREAT NEED for people to step up and assist with the VBS follow-up contacts.  Prayerfully consider how God would have you serve the Kingdom through FBC this summer and beyond!




JUNE 9, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Children's Activities resume on Wednesday, June 14 @ 6:30pm

There will be an R.A./G.A. badge class on Wednesday, June 14




In the Youth Building for Bible Study



MEETING SUNDAY, JUNE 11 @ 4:30PM IN Room 105 in the Office complex.

Bring Medical Release forms to be notarized.



We are taking orders for pavers from now until June 30, 2017.

The cost is $45.00 for 3 lines with no more than 13

letters per line



upon the birth of Lilah Wilder Moss, who was born on June 1, 2017.

She was 7 lbs, 2 oz., and 20 inches long. The proud parents are

Brock and Joanna Moss.



SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------425

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------200

Weekly contacts-------------------------------------118

JUNE Budget Requirements--------------------53,349

JUNE Budget Receipts-to-date-----------------14,978


·       Robert & Janice Walker

·       William, Amy, Caroline & Carlisle Roberts

·       Jamie Raffeo


Sunday, June 11, 2017..... The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary by Doris Webber in loving memory of her daughter, Carla Sue.  Ruby Henry will also place flowers in memory of her loved ones, Ben & Deborah Thames.

Flower Delivery for June 12: Gaynell Atkinson

Sunday, June 18, 2017..... Flowers will be placed in our sanctuary by Ray Peterson in honor of his wife, Peggy, for her birthday. Jim & Charlotte Orsborn will place flowers in honor of Keleigh Johnson for her birthday on June 20.  Flowers will also be placed in loving memory of LeRoy Foster by Barbara Foster, Mike, Rex, Nancy & families. 

Flower Delivery for June 19: Janet Keith


THANK YOU NOTES have been received and placed on the bulletin board from Ernestine Dailey & family; Eloise Pouncey & family.


CHRISTIAN LOVE & SYMPATHY is extended to Bro. Bill Lewis & family in the death of his cousin.