VOL. XLIX                                                  FEBRUARY 28, 2018                                             NO. 04

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


MARCH 18-21, 2018


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    Blake Carrol Evangelist  Daniel Lee, Music Evangelist

Blake Carrol Evangelist

Daniel Lee, Music Evangelist



FROM THE PASTOR’S PEN..... ON MISSION: HERE AND NOW.” the theme for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions for 2018. It is a challenge that needs to be embraced by every born-again believer in this great country. The North American Missions Board, “NAMB”, is actively seeking to make a difference in North America by sending out missionaries. The NAMB is supporting 5,262 missionaries and helping to support over 3,800 chaplains. Their goal is to plant over 1,200 new churches in locations where there is very little Christian influence.

     First Baptist Church is partnering with NAMB by taking up this offering on an annual basis. The NAMB goal for 2018 is $70 million. Our goal as a church this year is $12,500. We may not all be called to GO, but we can all become involved by GIVING. Our morning worship service next Sunday morning, March 4th will emphasize this offering. Please begin praying for and preparing to give for this great cause.

     March 18-21, 2018, will be the dates for the Spring Revival. We are blessed to have Dr. Blake Carroll and Rev. Daniel Lee serving as the revival team. I want to ask three things from you.

     First, I am asking you to begin now praying for these men as they come to lead us. When I say pray for them, I am referring to the spiritual warfare that they will go through over the next few weeks. I am also referring to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to lead them in worship preparation and in sermon preparation. I can honestly say, I do not want to hear from Blake or Daniel, I want to hear from Almighty God.

     Second, I want to ask you to decide now that you will support and attend these services.

     Finally, I want to ask you to commit now to inviting people to attend the services. I am talking about people that do not attend church or that do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

     I do believe that God wants to do a new thing at First Baptist Church of Gautier. Remember, FBCG is not these buildings. It is the people that make up the church. May we be on mission and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David    

Music Note.png

BRO. BILL, Music & Education..... The final element of replacing damaged equipment from the lightning strike last July has been completed – the installation of our new organ!  This is a beautiful instrument with a wide diversity of capabilities.  There will be a special time of dedicating this instrument to the glory of God and His Church on Sunday evening, April 8.  Plan to join us for this special worship service.

     Recently in worship we have been blessed by our Handbell Choir and Orchestra.  These are growing musical ensembles with a heart for worship and a willingness to utilize their gifts and talents in service to our Lord and the church.  During March we will be hearing from “God’s Groupies”, our preschool choir and on Easter morning “WOW”, our children’s choir, will be singing in addition to our handbells and orchestra.

     The annual Spring Fling is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, from 11 AM to 1 PM.  This is one of the biggest events we sponsor designed to connect with our community and introduce our community to the loving family of FBC.  Please save this date on your calendars and plan to participate by helping with a booth, registration, and other areas.  Everyone will be needed as we typically see over 300 people come through our facility.

     Revival is fast approaching.  This is another excellent opportunity to introduce people to our church by inviting them for a special event.  Even the weekday lunch events make great opportunities – everyone eats lunch anyway, so why not get a free meal and some spiritual nourishment that won’t take up time in their evenings or run later than the lunch hour.  There are fliers in the sanctuary vestibule for you to use as you invite people to join you for these services.  God is wanting to do new things at FBC Gautier!  We believe this.  We also know that God has chosen in this time in history to do His work through the hands, feet, and voices of His children.  That means US!  Use the coming opportunities as a springboard for sharing Christ’s love with our community.


YOUTH MINISTRY UPDATE..... As we move books of Timothy we see a common theme. As a church, we do not need to kick people out, cause problems, or punish those causing strife in the church. We need to first attempt to change the mindset of bad actors by getting them into a closer relationship with God. Our task is to show the way to God. People teaching untruths or leading God’s children astray still need people to show them how to be saved or get right with God. We also see that we cannot pick and choose for whom we pray. God wants everyone saved which is why we need to pray for all people. We should long for salvation even for the evilest people.

            Be on the lookout for upcoming fundraising opportunities for the summer trip. Plans for the summer trip are being made and a decision on what we will do this summer will be made in the coming weeks. D-Now plans are still coming together nicely, and specifics will be released shortly. As a group, we are learning and seeing how to be better disciples for Christ. We are learning about praying, loving all, discernment, and self-responsibility.


Our new (used) van has arrived and has already been put into service. During our last business meeting on December 17, 2017, the church approved the purchase of this van, subject to the involvement and approval by the Budget & Finance Committee and the Church Trustees.

Our budget for 2018 had already been completed and approved by the church at this time. In the next business meeting, a motion will be forthcoming to amend the budget to include the monthly payment of $2,066.40. A maintained designated item has been established for this van and any gifts received for this purpose will be used to pay down this note sooner than the eighteen-month financing term.


Wed Nite Supper.png


MARCH 7: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, vegetable, coleslaw & dessert

                                                                                                             MARCH 14: Pork loin, roasted potatoes,

                                                                                                       vegetable, salad & dessert



SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------411

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------193

D. T. Bible Study---------------------------------------85

February Budget Requirements--------------50,337

February Budget Receipts-to-date-----------45,338

Special gifts have been given in memory of Lou Roddy to the transportation fund by Francelle Sanderford and by Buddy, Susan & Emma Landry; and to the Annie Armstrong Offering by Wini Harris.

A special gift has been given to the Backpack Buddies fund in memory of Lou Roddy by the Rejoice Sunday School Class.

A special gift has been given to the Missions Fund in memory of Wayne Joyner, brother of Jennifer Thomas & Jan Heffner, by Buddy, Susan & Emma Landry.

Sanctuary Flowers.png

SANCTUARY FLOWERS..... The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary Sunday, March 4 by Dave Young in honor of his wife, Jean, in celebration of their 55th Wedding Anniversary.  Sally Curry will also place flowers in honor of Tracy Foster in celebration of   their shared birthday.

Flower Delivery for March 5: Bill Rushing

The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary Sunday, March 11 in honor of Gloria Blakeney for her dedication & faithful service to the FBCG prayer chain email.

Flower Delivery for 12: Janet Keith

If you are interested in placing flowers or continuing your past arrangement, please call the church office asap.


CHRISTIAN LOVE & SYMPAHTY is extended to Teddy Baxter & family in the death of his mother, Edna Baxter, and to Dave Young & family in the death of his brother-in-law, Johnny Evans.


THANK YOU NOTES have been placed on the bulletin board from Kim Ord.


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is quickly approaching.  Please be in prayer as to where God would have you serve in this ministry.