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VOL XLIX, August 15, 2018, No 13

VOL. XLIX                                                  August 15, 2018                                                NO. 13


Beginning this Wednesday, August 15, 2018,

5:30 pm- Family Night Supper  (menu inside) 

6:00 p.m. Bible Drill Activities for grades 3-6


                                     6:30 p.m.     Nursery for infant thru 2 yr. olds   

                                                           Mission Friends for ages 3 thru Kindergarten

                                                           R.A.s and G.A.s for grades 1-6

                                                           Youth Bible Study for grades 7ththru 12th

                                                           Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

                                                           Adult Bible Study

Womens Bible Study.png


 G.A.L.S.....  Growing and loving sisters in Christ

The GALS ministry will be hosting a brunch on Saturday, August 25 at 9:30 a.m. to kick-off their fall Bible Study.

The study is called Ephesians: Sealed in Christ by Kristi W. Cook.  Cost:$15  Please call the church office to sign up for the brunch by Thursday, August 23.




Opportunities for service in the Kingdom of God are everywhere. When you decide to say yes to God you discover that He has many ways of service. First, here at FBC Gautier. We are in the deacon election process. We have received nomination forms several men that have never served as a deacon before and we have several currently inactive men that are willing to serve if elected. One of the great needs in the church involves Family Ministry. These men can greatly help meet needs of the body of Christ. We will continue this process through the election on September 23rdand ordination, if needed, on October 7th. Please pray for God’s will in this matter.

Also, be aware that the Committee on Committees is currently working to fill the needs of the various committee for the next Church year. Once they have completed their task, one of the committees is the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will then seek out officers and teachers for next year. 

Another opportunity of service is Backpack Buddy Ministry. Remember that serving the Kingdom of God does not always involve needs of FBC of Gautier. The Kingdom of God is much larger than just this church. We once again begin a year of helping to feed at risk children over the week-end. The reality is children are going hungry on week-ends because of various reasons. These children are from our community and identified by the school nurses as kids that demonstrate need. 

This is a way to fulfill Matthew 25:44-45.“Then they also will answer Him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to You?' Then He will answer them, saying, "Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.'

The cost per child is $420. This is a non-budgeted item, so it strictly comes from donations. You have been so supportive of this ministry through the years and this is a way to serve the Kingdom of God.

Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David     



music scale.png

BRO. BILL, Music & Education..... 

Fall is off to a great start!  School is back, family routines are settling, and life is returning to “normal” following the summer.  Activity at FBC is picking up as well.  Wednesday night dinners begin this week along with Children’s Bible Drill.  “God’s Groupies” and “WOW-Wonders of Worship” began this past Sunday evening.  There’s plenty of room for more children to experience the fun and learn about worshipping our living God through many different creative methods. Handbells will resume on Tuesday evenings beginning on August 28. There may be an opening or two in this group – if you are interested in ringing please let me know. Anyone in 7th grade and older is welcome to become involved in the Handbell Choir. Ability to read music is helpful but not required. Orchestra will return after a break starting on next Wednesday, August 22, at 5:45 PM. The Orchestra is always open to new musicians with at least one year of formal playing experience (school band, private lessons, etc.)  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played in several years – it is like riding a bicycle!  Parts are customized for our group so whether you are a second-year player or someone who has played for 20 years there is a place you can serve. Talk to me and we’ll get you set up with the right music before our first rehearsal!

     Our Sunday evening Discipleship Training class has been going very well.  Ray Ely is leading this class and still has room for a few more if you are interested. They begin at 4:30 PM on Sunday afternoons.

     FBC has a lot to offer and truly has something for most everyone I believe. Take a moment and look around your circle of influence – coworkers, neighbors, friends, classmates, people you spend time with socially, and others who are not involved in a church. These are people who may not know of all the positive attributes of our church and may only hear about them from you.  Statistics show that the primary way new people are introduced to the church is through personal invitation (often more than once.)  Who are you willing to invite to enjoy FBC with you?




youth group.jpg


TOGETHER Weekend:  The end of summer retreat was an incredible moment for the Youth Ministry!!  We had some very rewarding times of worship, Bible study, and recreation.  The 22 teenagers who participated were an absolute blessing the entire weekend.  I believe that what took place will help the Youth Ministry as a whole to begin stepping forward in a direction that will be not only exciting, but also honoring to the Lord.  I do want to thank a whole host of people who made the weekend go so well.  I know I will probably leave some people out because so many did things completely behind the scenes but know that I greatly appreciate your efforts as well!  Worship:  Derek Wall, Cari Sims.  Various and numerouslogistics:  Susan Landry, Buddy Landry, Melissa Wilson, Michael Davis, Nick Aycock, Kristi Barlow, Steve Cowan, David and Christy Tingle.  Host homes:  Ron and Margaret Sharpless, Francelle Sanderford.  Small group leaders:  Matt Johnson, Lacey Woodward, Ashton Ord, Kelley Frye.  Meals/food:  Steve and Gena Olsen, Scott Davis, Melanie Pace, Barbara Haygood, Sybil Smith, Michael and Kaitlyn Hefner, and various Sunday school classes.  As you can see, it takes a lot of support to bring about a ministry opportunity such as this.  As Bro. David says every Sunday morning, “this is not the preacher’s church, it’s not even the people’s church, this is almighty God’s church,”; the same is true for the Youth Ministry; it’s not mine, or yours, but instead, God’s. Let’s continue to do all we can to support each other and seek God’s direction for all we do TOGETHER!  

Youth Ministry Team Meeting:  Sunday, August 26th, 4:30pm, in the Youth Complex

Sunday Youth Lunches:  September 9, 11:30am—3pm, I will be taking the Youth Guys out to eat lunch after the morning worship service.  The cost of lunch is already taken care of, but the guys will need money for coffee.  On September 16, 11:30am—3pm, I will be taking the Youth Girls out to eat lunch, same details as above. Additionally, on September 23, same timeframe and other details above, I will be taking the 5thand 6thgraders out for lunch as well.  I’m looking forward to having these times with each group of students; and hopefully meet some friends of the students, who are not already part of the church (hint, hint)!



SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------369

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------209

D. T. Bible Study---------------------------------------39

AUGUST BudgetRequirements--------------50,337

AUGUST BudgetReceipts-to-date-----------30,891

TRANSPORTATION LOAN BAL-------------21,098


Backpack Ministry-Special gifts has been given in memory of Jeanette Unger by New Beginnings with Faith Sunday School Class; by Margie Holifield & family.

VAN Fund-Special gifts have been given in memory of Kris Allen by Buddy & Susan Landry; by Mike & Tracey Foster; by the New Beginnings with Faith Sunday School Class; by John & Betty Zimmerman; by Ron & Margaret Sharpless; and by Tommy McDaniel.


Sanctuary Flowers 2.png


The flowers will be placed on Sunday, August 19, by Gaynell Atkinson in loving memory of her husband, Floyd Atkinson; her parents, Harold & Flora Thomas; her sister, Marion; her brother, Sanky Thomas; and in honor of Kelly Glaskox, Courtney & Micah Barlow for their birthdays.  Gene & Elouise Klavon will also place flowers in celebration of their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Also, Mark & Tonya Hinson will be placing flowers in honor of Charlotte Orsborn on her birthday. 

Flower Delivery for August 20: Janet Keith

The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary Sunday, August 26by Janet Keith in loving memory of her mother, Wadine Pennington, for her birthday. Nina Terral will also place flowers in loving memory of her parents, G.C. & Elaine Stapleton, and her nephew, Charlie Bill Stapleton. Flowers will also be placed in loving memory of Warner & Norma Peterson for their birthdays by his family. 

Flower Delivery for August 27: Sally Curry


Wed Nite Supper.png


AUGUST 22- Ham, potato salad, baked beans, slaw & dessert

AUGUST 29- Red beans & rice, salad, pizza for kids & dessert