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VOL XLIX, AUGUST 1, 2018, NO 12

VOL. XLIX                                                  August 1, 2018                                      NO. 12


·                                           3-5th - Youth Back to School Retreat

·                                           5th - School Prayer Walks

·                                         12th - Children’s Choir & Preschool Choir begins

·                                         14th - B-MEN Gathering

·                                         15th - Family Night Supper Begins - 

    MENU: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, & slaw

Please call the church office to make your reservation

·                                        18th - CPR Class seats still available

·                                        25th - G.A.L.S.  Fall Bible Study Kick-off


FROM THE PASTOR’S PEN..... What a day last Sunday! We started with the RA and GA sponsored Sr. Adult Breakfast. The children and their leaders fed over 60 senior adults breakfast and it was very successful. We followed that with the morning worship service and celebrated 4 candidates for baptism. To God Be The Glory!

Sunday night we had our RA and GA Badge presentation where our RAs and GAs received their badges that they earned this past year. It was a very impressive presentation, which was then followed by the annual Birthday Party for the missionaries serving all over the world. We sang Happy Birthday and heard that there are now 3,551 foreign missionaries alone. To God Be The Glory!

Now I want to share some more good news. We are announcing a Baby Dedication Service for Sunday morning, November 25, 2018. We have several new babies born into families of the church and it is a joy to see and hear these babies in our facilities! If you are wanting your children to be a part of this joyous service, please call the church office and let us know. The office number is (228) 497-4050. 

Finally, I want to mention the Deacon Election process. You received nomination forms in the last Messenger. The deadline for nominating non-ordained men is next Sunday, August 5, 2018. If there is someone in the church that you would like to nominate, please get their consent and turn in the nomination form by Sunday, August 5th. Also, reminder to the active council that you were to speak with inactive deacons about their willingness to serve if reelected. Please speak with these other men and get their names turned into the office, as well. This a very critical ministry in the life of this church as these men are expected to minister to the families of the church. Remember Acts 6:1-7. The reason to call these men was neglect of widows. The purpose for these men was to minister to the needs of the Church. The benefit of these men to the church was the spread of the Word of God and allowing more time for the leaders to spend in prayer and the ministry of the Word.    

Always remember that God loves you and I love you, Bro. David     



music scale.png

BRO. BILL, Music & Education..... The school year is soon starting – and with that comes a return to many of the activities here at FBC.  “God’s Groupies” and “WOW – Wonders of Worship”, our preschool and children’s musical groups, will kick off on Sunday, August 12, starting at 5:00 PM. The children will be enjoying a wide variety of musical activities as well as working toward sharing in worship periodically. Handbells will resume on Tuesday evenings beginning on August 28. There may be an opening or two in this group – if you are interested in ringing please let me know. Orchestra will return after a break starting on Wednesday, August 22, at 5:45 PM. All children up through and including 6th grade are encouraged to take part in the Sunday evening experiences. Anyone in 7th grade and older is welcome to become involved in the Handbell Choir. Ability to read music is helpful but not required. The Orchestra is always open to new musicians with at least one year of formal playing experience (school band, private lessons, etc.)  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played in several years – it is like riding a bicycle!  Parts are customized for our group so whether you are a second-year player or someone who has played for 20 years there is a place you can serve. Talk to me and we’ll get you set up with the right music before our first rehearsal!  The Worship Choir will soon be starting on music for Christmas.  Now is a perfect time to consider joining this fun family of singers giving worship and praise to our God while enjoying some wonderful fellowship.  There is a place to serve for everyone who has a desire to use their gifts and talents in worship.  

     God has been doing some exciting things in the lives of individuals within our church.  When this happens, it is because God is preparing those individuals and others like them to serve Him and His Kingdom.  Our church is in a position to have a profound impact on the community around us – all we must do is be willing vessels to be used by God for His glory.  We must not take the position that “someone else” will do it – each of us are placed here to serve God’s purpose in some way in the church and thus in the community. Be sure you are plugged in and actively involved – otherwise you could miss God’s blessings!



WILSON’S WORDS..... It’s been a very busy time the past couple of weeks in the Youth Ministry with various meetings and planning sessions. As part of laying the ground work for the Youth Ministry here at First Baptist, I am and have been meeting with the Youth Committee and the Youth Sunday School Teachers; this group will now be called the Youth Ministry Team.  We are discussing every aspect of the youth ministry, principles, facilities, mindsets, where we are, where we could be, strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities.  We are studying a book together as we focus on all these different facets.  The book is, Student Ministry That Mattersby Ben Trueblood.  The main premise is that healthy youth ministries are built on 3 main elements. I would like to mention the first one in this article.  A healthy youth ministry is one where there is a purposeful focus on kingdom expansion.  Meaning, everything that we do as a ministry either directly or indirectly has a process for introducing people to Jesus Christ.  Whether it is an activity that is recreationally oriented or something that is deeply spiritual, there should be an aspect that shows teenagers the love of Christ and how they can know Him on a personal basis.  We are not doing a “babysitting service” here at the church where we just try to “keep teenagers busy”, we are and will be providing opportunities for the ministry here to grow both spiritually and numerically by being intentional about reaching out with the Gospel.  It was noted by Trueblood, “the majority of people who meet Jesus do so before the age of eighteen…(thus) the reality of student ministry is that you are called to one of the most fertile mission fields in the world.”  As such, there are teenagers, children, and whole families in this community that can be reachable with a ministry that is focused always on kingdom expansion.  It is exciting to ponder who the Lord may introduce us to as we begin to see ministry in this way.  I encourage the entire church to pray for these possibilities, and to find some way to get involved.  

YOUTH END OF SUMMER RETREAT WEEKEND: AUGUST 3rd-5th, we will have a weekend for the teenagers to come together and spiritually prepare for the new school year.  In fact, the theme of the weekend is TOGETHER.  This will be a great opportunity to bond together as a group, discover ways to support each other, and grow together in the Word of God. We will look at some important Christian principles that will help students as they return to school.  Don’t miss this opportunity to grow personally, andas a group.  Derek Wall, a longtime ministry friend of mine, will be our speaker for the weekend, and Cari Sims, a senior teen from Vancleave, will lead our worship services



SS Enrollment (+6 Homebound) -------------------389

SS Attendance (+6 Homebound) -------------------193

D. T. Bible Study-------------------------------------N/A

JULY BudgetRequirements-------------------50,337

JULY BudgetReceipts-to-date----------------50,815

TRANSPORTATION LOAN BAL-------------23,199



     Backpack Ministry- A special gift has been given in memory of Jeanette Unger by the New Beginnings with Faith Sunday School Class. 


Sanctuary Flowers.png

The flowers will be placed on Sunday, August 5, by Twila & Mel Peterson in honor of their parents, Ray & Peggy Peterson, celebrating their 56thWedding Anniversary. 

Flower Delivery for August 6: Bill Rushing

     The flowers will be placed in our sanctuary Sunday, August 12 by Mark & Tonya Hinson in loving memory of our daughter, Ashton Johnson, for her birthday. Jim & Charlotte Orsborn will place flowers in loving memory of their granddaughter, Ashton Johnson, for her birthday.

Flower Delivery for August 13: Ann McDaniel


CHRISTIAN LOVE & SYMPATHY is extended to the family & friends of Jeanette Unger; to Rick Steele & family in the death of his father, Clayton Steels; to Billy Allen & family in the death of his wife, Kris Allen.

A THANK YOU NOTE has been received and placed on the bulletin board by Peggy Woodruff.

Wed Nite Supper.png

MENU: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, slaw

Please call the church office to make your reservation